Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DJ Mr. King Mixshow Podcast #131 (Best of Webbie)

Yoooo!!! Hopefully eveyone enjoyed their family and friends over this Christmas holiday. I know I did. SO much so that my days of the week were messed up. I really almost forgot that I was supposed to mix today. SMH!

Good thing though is I didn't and I decided to end the year the best way I know. RATCHET!! That's right, this week we are rockin out to an hour worth of Webbie. Catch me this Saturday in Toledo at spinning at The Rocket where Webbie will be performing live in concert! Shout out to that whole Toledo. I already know its going to be crazzzyyy!!

Dont forget if you need a DJ, hit me up 678.379.7492 or Make sure you follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @djmrking. If you dont have my Mobile App on your Droid or iPhone you need that in ya life ASAP!!

Until next week....


p.s. Rest In Peace Reggie Woodall! Miss ya bro!!

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