Sunday, June 10, 2018

Soundtrack To The Streets Podcast with @BigHeff & @JuanGoodwin

This Episode we have Quincy Taylor @bigheffmidwestfresh He shared his journey through the music business using his 5 most important songs. Check out his soundtrack and story. or Listen on iTunes, Google or Spotify.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Antoine Christopher x @IGoldRose - Sega Genesis

Big Heff: Where are you from? Gold Rose: I am from Cleveland, OH ; grew up in the east side of the city. I was born in the Garden Valley projects, but when I turned one we moved on to 100 st. Miles. We moved constantly around that area; graduated from John Adams High School. Big Heff: How Did you get started making music? Gold Rose: I started performing in my household for my mom, family, and guest at 5 ( I was a back up dancer for my older sister). My dad was a dj so I was always around rap. By age 11 I just started writing my own music. Big Heff: What are some of your music influences? Gold Rose: My influences for music are memories, lifes’ lessons, and experiences. I’m also influenced by other artist and different cultures. Big Heff: What are some of the concepts involved in making your new projects? Gold Rose: The concept is to paint a picture of a young woman’s true intents, her passions, her trials, in this era as a single individual. Knowing that being her true self is ok, at all times. Big Heff: Do you have any shows coming up? Gold Rose: No. I do plan on releasing quite a few singles one being Sega Genesis, and some other music and videos I don’t want to give away just yet. Big Heff:Who Produced The Song? Gold Rose:MizzHitzBeatz produced the song. She is very dope and represents very well as a female producer. We have plans to work on other stuff. Big Heff: What Album or Project is the Song on? Gold Rose: This isn’t on a specific project right now, this is music we wanted to give directly to the fans for being absolutely amazing and supportive, a summer’s gift. Big Heff: Who Shot the video? and there affiliation ? Gold Rose: A video would be Hot. I can see a video coming soon, if anybody really wants to see it happen request it and dm me on ig, facebook or twitter. Big Heff: Is There anything else you want to tell your fans? Gold Rose: Thanks for being the best fans in the world and supporting me. This authentic wave of truth, beauty, faith, and hustle won’t fail. We also have new Merch coming soon.

Chief P @MGDChiefP x @DJChose Release Pick Up feat Suji

​CHIEF P Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, Chief P became serious about his craft as a youth "I lost my father to the system just as I was becoming a man so I just put all my thoughts and emotions into music stayed out them streets. Thats when I got my barber license, stacked up my money and bought a barbershop. Built a studio and a team and as soon as father returned home, Money Gold Diamond Records was born. He is currently in the studio working on his EP "SEPARATION" and sophomore mixtape “330p” alongside producers such as DJ Chose, John Major, Mossberg Montana Baby Breeze ,Dj Freshx3 Dstokesondatrack and AnTBeatz. With a sound that blends Down South baselines and West Coast synths, Chief P leaves nothing unrepresented in his music.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cleveland's @CassidyKing Releases "Old Habits"

CASSIDY KING RELEASES OLD HABITS Cleveland, OH new artist Cassidy King brings a fusion of soul and pop with her new sound and releases a single "Old Habits". The single produced by P The Artist is released as the first offering from Cassidy's debut project. @CassidyKing For Interviews or Drops: Heff@StarMusicMedia.Com

Thursday, March 1, 2018

@Digmata [Video] Dreamin

A song created by digmata that illustrates the importance to continue following your dreams thru lifes Obstacles. The song is the outro to "Digmata The Life" which is available on all streaming sites and online stores. Directed and Edited by NewEraCam Digmata- The Life DigMata the Life by Digmata DigMata The Life - Music on Google Play FILMED AND EDITED BY NEWERACAM Instagram/digmata

[Video] @Q_Moneyyyyy - Countin Up A Check

Friday, December 29, 2017

@ItsLostTribe [Audio] Big Boulder Prod By Drum God

(Cleveland, OH) - Inspired by seeing his older cousin Rich Paul (Lebron James Sports Agent) make strides in sports business and music, Northeast Ohio rapper "Goldie" began making music and recording himself at an early age. One day he came across future group member "Tropp" in the mall and they began trading ideas about music and fashion. The two linked up 2014 and began working as a group by the beginning of 2015. After delicately working on their creative process they decided it was time to release a record, their first real single “iPhone.” "We started making music together when we saw each other at the mall and we both had the fashion and already did music by ourselves," Goldie of Lost Tribe said. "So once we did a song together and it was fire we just ran with it and became a group." The track became Cleveland’s Summer sensation and lead to the guys performing at Cleveland’s z107.9 Summer Jam and led to collaborations with Rich The Kid, Trippie Redd, Lil Wop and more. Now the guys are gearing up for SXSW and are prepping the release of their new mixtape 'Lost Tribe.' "We're inspired by a lot of fashion, scammin drugs, the bitches, ego, money, fashion and a log of losses we took throughout this music journey thus far," Tropp of Lost Tribe explained. "Currently our main focus been this tape and our new single, but you can catch us at SXSW fasho!" For features booking and media inquiries please contact Big Heff: or

@LvFromCle [Video] 30 for 30 feat @RippFlamez

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

[Thisis50] Hardo @TrapNHardo talks with Pvnch about TI and Wiz Khalifa

Jeff The Activist @JeffSchlex Releases The Activist feat @WhoIsChaCha Dir. By Matt Tyrrell

Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: "The Activist" is a song about the battle between success and substance abuse. In Ohio, substance abuse is very common. Jeff The Activist surrounds himself with people who use drugs and neglect their priorities. He leads by example in an attempt to change their mind and their lives for the better. The Activist is a song about struggle, defeat, persistence, and pain. Jeff wrote the song after he came back from New Zealand. In New Zealand, Drug abuse is not very common compared to the United States. Jeff believes drug abuse destroys lives. This song is written by Jeff Schlekie (Jeff The Activist) and features Melissa Figueroa-Swain (Cha-Cha of Visible Lyrics). The instruments were composed by former Brecksville highschool drum major Becky Zydiak and produced by Jaymes Ball (Thr3efourteen of MegaBeat International). The video is directed by Matt Tyrrell. Jeff Schlekie is the Founder of The LitterBugz. His mission is to remove all of the litter from Cleveland in one single day by 2020. With over 3,000 volunteers in The LitterBugz, Jeff has lead hundreds of clean-ups and removed over one million pounds of litter from intercity streets in Ohio. Jeff's Spotify Link: CREDITS: This song is written by Jeff Schlekie (Jeff The Activist) and features Melissa Figueroa-Swain (Cha-Cha of Visible Lyrics). The instruments were composed by former Brecksville highschool drum major Becky Zydiak and produced by Jaymes Ball (Thr3efourteen of MegaBeat International). The video is directed by Matt Tyrrell.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


AK Ace, born Aaron Hall, is a 23-year-old rapper from Cleveland, OH. He started out making beats on his computer and decided to take his passion for music further and became a rapper. AK’s style of music is for the streets being influenced by “street rappers” such as Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane. In the past 2 years since he started rapping, he has released two mixtapes and started his own label, Gwap Gang Entertainment. AK was also featured on Dave East’s Paranoia Tour. “Now” is his current single and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Spinrilla and YouTube. Follow AK Ace on social media to keep up with his music: IG: @aknodraco SnapChat: @ak.gunman Twitter: @gwapgangak Facebook: AK Ace

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

FayetteVille's @SoLoyalT2G - Trap Talk Video

(Fayetteville, North Carolina) Getting started with music as a way to kill time with friends, Carolina rapper So Loyal has been making music for roughly 3 years and now its finally starting to pay off. Gearing up for shows in South Carolina and Mississippi, So Loyal is ringing in the holiday season with shows for Touch Magazine's Casting Call and Jessica Dime's Love and Hip-Hop After Party. "I appreciate all the love and support, it's all love this way," So Loyal said to the fans. "I've always had a love and passion for the music, I ride to smooth oldies all day, all R&B and Soul music." In preparation for the shows, So Loyal is releasing the visual to his song "Trap Talk,"produced by Chophouse Hay who has also produced for the likes of Future, Scooter, Ralo, Nicki Minaj, 2Chainz, Gucci. The visual is directed by Dre Cannoz. The song can be found on his first major project T2G DownTown Finest (A Hood Classic) available on every major streaming platform. "Money is business and business is money. Honestly I don't care about either. I'm a people's person," So Loyal explained. "God made man and woman, we were given everything we needed. Man created money and business, but they made it to where money and business is more important than the people. So with that being said, the artist must know the business to perfect the craft." For more information on So Loyal, check out his social media sites below:

Monday, November 13, 2017

Joe Gifted x Young Booke Release Perfect Timing Video

Mr. Gifted / Gifted I Am DATPIFF LINK: (Atlanta, GA) - Some people are born with a gift and that's a blessing. Such is the case of Joe Gifted who was blessed with an ability to effortlessly write catchy songs that connect with Hip-Hop and R&B listeners. From his early beginnings singing in the church to finding an infectious melody on his hit song "Water," rapper, singer/songwriter Joe Gifted has always had a knack for recording. Now that comes to life with two new projects, Mr. Gifted / Gifted I Am. "I started off doing music at church singing in the choir - my grandmother had me in there. I was listening to a lot of soul music, but when I got to 8th grade that's when I really started rapping," Joe Gifted explained. Following the untimely death of his father, Joe Gifted joined a group by the name of the Young Goons and the group went on to record a host of songs. But it wasn't until Joe Gifted performed at his school's talent show that he knew music was his calling. From there he continued to pursue music and he eventually broke with his song "Water." "Water was a record I had recorded when a few weeks after I had got out of jail, it was just off the vibe and how I was feeling. The beat made me feel that way - I didnt know that the track was going to do so well," Joe Gifted said. "People were flooding my page with videos of kids dancing to the song and I actually ended up performing the song three times in one night at Club Bankhead. That's when I knew I had a hit after the DJ kept running it back and that ended up getting the attention of Warner." From there Joe Gifted was able to ink a deal with Warner Bros. Records and released his Mr. Gifted / Gifted I Am projects that gave fans both a Hip-Hop and R&B view of Joe's music. "I wanted to show people that I don't only rap, I can sing and hold a key too. I wanted to show people why I am gifted," Joe Gifted said. "Where I'm from everyone is making the same type of music so I wanted to stand out and try something different. It's ok for you to sound different and to go with you own route. Stay in tune with me, I may be high but I'm down to earth." Despite a nice deal with Warner Bros Joe Gifted isn't slowing down and he's continuing to grow his buzz. "I enjoy being with the label because its opened up some doors for me and it really has given me a chance to expand my fan base," Joe Gifted said of his deal with Warner. "At the end of the day though, we don't wait for the label, it opens doors but we gotta keep doing what we gotta do to reach audiences."

Friday, November 10, 2017

Shorty @Shorty_World [Single] For You

Twitter @shorty_world Instagram @shortyworld1 Every once in a while a super talented artist comes along that can not only entertain, but also hold up the business end of things, including being a superb songwriter. Meet Shorty, a veteran musician who corners the music market though his unique approach to his art. Shorty is a performer, arranger and songwriter whose creations are becoming more and more well known as time passes. From his early hit "Tipsy" to "Weekend", "I Luv Em", and the 2016 banger "I Might" featuring G-Unit's Kidd Kidd and the legend himself, Juvenile, Shorty aspires to make music that is both timeless and classic. "For You" promises to be both of those things and so much more. The single is expected to be Shorty's breakout hit and the one that will really put him on the map. "For You" will be on Shorty's upcoming "Rich" album. It is available everywhere music is sold or streamed. iTunes: ​ Soundcloud:

Nerve Djs 14th Anniversary Picture Recap

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Tee Grizzley x Hardo talk watches on Aint It A Blessing Tour

[R&B Vibes] Cassidy King @CassidyKing - Something New

Cassidy King is here to make a statement. Her new song "Something New" is creating a buzz for the Cleveland singer. Not only is it spreading virally, but the song has already received radio play as well. Cassidy is moving on from her previous relationship because of her new beginnings, which is something a lot of listers can definitely relate to. The P The Artist produced hit is available on all streaming services. Twitter: @cassidyyking Instagram: @cassidyyking iTunes Link: Soundcloud Link:

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