Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ca$hPassion feat PnB Rock [Video] Unlimited

(Los Angeles, CA) - Since garnering posts for his song "Unlimited" with PnB Rock on a host of sites across the internet, LA based and Bay Area bred artist Ca$hPassion is releasing a visual for his radio friendly song that has generated over 600,000 plays to date on Soundcloud. In the visual a vixen lures PnB Rock and Ca$hPassion in a chase around the city while the guys rap and a creative lined animation highlights their verses. "This video is a real simple concept, it has a Summer vibe and in general we were just having fun," Ca$hPassion explained. "The homie Cash Money AP sent me like 250 beats, I loaded up the first one and literally recorded it in like 30 min. It was one of the first ones that I heard but it was exactly what I was going for." While this video is likely to make its rounds across the internet with ease after a Fader premiere , Ca$hPassion has a host of content releases lined up for the next few months leading up to the release of his self-titled EP. "My next single is 'Hard Earned' ft Tre Capital produced by WondaGurl and 95 Grvmz. We are gearing up for my self-titled EP which includes production from TM-88, J Gramm and more. We also have special appearances from Sonny Digital, HBK P-Lo, Dumbfounded, KOHH and others. I'm really excited for the world to hear what I've been cooking up." Ca$hPassion explained. "

Dub O @Dubz216 [Audio] Ri Ri Freestyle

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Absolutely Dope Podcast Interview with @BigHeff

Rich Rick [Audio] Kissing You feat Mya

(Los Angeles, CA) - After growing up in the music industry starting music at an early age, Rich Rick has always been in the mix, so it's no wonder that he's been able to connect the dots to secure a big time feature from Mya and the multi-faceted producer Detail ("Drunk in Love" by Beyoncé and "We Dem Boyz" by Wiz Khalifa, "How To Love" by Lil Wayne). Look to hear more from Rich Rick in the coming weeks as he unveils new music and visuals. Soundcloud link and artwork is below.

FHB [Video] Regular feat J.R.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

@DJDrizzle [Video] Drippy Trippy feat Lil Spigg

Boss Gang Slim G [Video] Hungry

(Atlanta, GA) - When you're a boss you have to put on for the community and thats exactly what Boss Gang G Slim has been dedicated to over the past few years with a special project. Creating a community center where rappers can shoot videos, record music and network, Boss Gang G Slim is responsible to for a whole team that's looking to get on in the game With a host of talent under his umbrella "G Slim" as many know him has developed quite the roster of talent under his imprint. "I got artists producer and a lot of young guys come record here for free, and I just try to help and build with them. Me being from Atlanta I have a lot of access to different artists, producer and people that do videos in the music industry." From producers to rappers Boss Gang G Slim looks out for a lot of people and he's "Hungry" trying to get that next level while also helping the team get there.

Noon @We_Here216 [Video] Country Thick Directed by Ced Lynch

Cleveland artist Noon teams up with director Ced Lynch to put a visual to the ode to thick beautiful women all over, produced by 3ft this song is the lead single from the upcoming mixtape hosted by Z1079's DJ K Nyce "Where Vol. 1" drops July 15th via Livemixtapes. Noon has been a featured artist on Big Heff's Streets Most Wanted Tour in 2015 and 2016.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

@LuaProc - Cold Sweat Video Directed by @QuickVisualMedia

Pittsburgh native Lua Proc is determined to re create the essence of a major indie movement in the steel city similar to what hometown native Wiz Khalifa created, and with a catalog of collabs from Kevin Gates, Twista, Young Buck, and more Lua Proc is all set to release his debut project "Fish Tailin". The newest video Below is Cold Sweat , this is a heart felt track off the album to gain some momentum before the July 15th release.

Lil Cray @CrayFlame [Audio] I Got It feat @KCamp427

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Writer @Lo_TheDon sits down with Midwest Fresh @BigHeff

@G_Eazy [Audio] So Much Better feat @PlaneJaymes

@BiggEddieBauer [Video] Female Edition of the Mud Massacre


6FO [Audio] Bout My PayPuh feat French Montana

>> (New Brunswick, New Jersey) - Hustling in between Philly and NYC, New Jersey rapper 6FO has emerged from New Brunswick with a banger called "Bout My PayPuh" ft. French Montana. Coming off a brief hiatus after the well documented shooting of his close friend and collaborator E-9 (via Hip-HopDX), as well as the birth of a son, 6FO is ready to take whatever steps are needed to get to the next level in his career. >> >> "The song is self explanatory, the title says everything that I'm about. Money ain't everything, but everything needs money. I wrote the record describing where I'm at in life," 6FO explained. "French invited us to his studio we recorded a solid record. I have a lot of respect for that man and he really showed us a lot of love on this track. The fans have really embraced it and so we are gonna make that push with it," 6FO explained. >> >> "Its starting to pick up on radio, I got my first spin on HOT 97 in New York. After this I'm preparing my album so I can drop it in late Summer or early Fall so I have something for my fans and in the mean time I'll be dropping videos and song" >> While 6FO is still gaining fans and attention from the blogs, some Hip-Hop fans and media know 6FO from his XXL The Break feature as well is his song "M.O.N.E.Y." which featuredWaka Flocka. >> >> "Jersey is a hard place to come up from. Being surrounded by Philly and NYC our identity gets hidden sometimes since we don't have our own radio station for hip-hop," 6FOexplained. "I spent time in the streets and I spent time in the 'burbs so I got a chance to see it all." >> "You have to use your brain and wit to live a long life out here," 6FO explained. "I'm street savvy and well respected, and I'm not glorifying the madness and chaos of the streets, but I've found a way to navigate through the struggle."

Thursday, June 16, 2016

DJ Mr King: Down With The King #289 (Happy Birthday 2pac)

What's good world!!

Today is def a great day! Not only are the CAVS getting ready to take it one step closer and make history by becoming the first team to win a NBA Finals after being down 3-1, but it's also Tupac's birthday!!!

So why not spend the day celebrating greatness!!!

Don't all hop on the bandwagon now either! Just remember what I told yall last week in the Cleveland vs The Bay Podcast!!

Anyway, don't forget if you need a DJ, hit me up 678-379-7492 or Make sure you follow me on that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @djmrking.

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Until next week...

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DJ Mr King: Down With The King #288 (Cleveland vs The Bay)

We back in this thang!!! Yep! Dont count them CAVS out just yet!!!

As exciting as the NBA Finals are right now, it was only right I represent and do a Cleveland vs Bay Area mix this week with some of the classic hits from both cities. Shout to @blaktrakstar for the request!

So who are you taking in the Finals. Do the CAVS still have a shot or are you a bandwagon shawty rolling with the Warriors cause your bum squad is at home tweeting about it?? LOL

Anyway, don't forget if you need a DJ, hit me up 678-379-7492 or Make sure you follow me on that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @djmrking.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Jean Lephare [Video] Survival

(New Orleans, LA) After signing with Jive Records as a young kid, Jean Lephare has been around the block when it comes to the music game. But after living in New York and LA during his stint as a Jive Records recording artist, Jean decided to take his talents back home to New Orleans where he successfully formed the infamous MonstaBeatz production duo with his cousin. The two would go on to produce for Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne to name a few and cemented themselves as some of New Orleans' most accomplished producers. Now Jean Lephare is stepping out on his own again as an artist, offering fans his debut project Toast now available on iTunes. "At that time we really just we really were just drinking champagne and smoking, just vibing and getting to know each other. It was cool at that time, you know during the How Fly mixtape days," he said. "Now I'm stepping out from the production side of things, even though we produced a few songs on the project," Jean Lephare explained. "This project has elements of what fans may find familiar with my sound because we come from that and we helped build that, but at the same time its an R&B project too, so it has more melodic stuff and more singing. It still has the rapping but its relying more heavily on the melodies." Switching from production to rapping Jean Lephare is kicking things off with his song "Survival" produced by BlackTheBeast. The video is directed by Romano & Plex with the help of Jon Auguste and shows Jean Lephare in a natural setting exploring the Trinidad island. "I got a Curren$y record thats really cool and 'Drive Slow' is one of my favorites. It was the bonus track on another project but I had to make it official and put it on my album. I gotta give it some justice," Jean said. "I was DJing this event and judging a showcase in Trinidad and I wanted to tap into their culture, they got a lot of talent over there. I was there for two weeks and I was just like let me shoot something. Its really natural, everything is real, not actors, interacting with the real people. It was the slums but they embraced you."

@DJRyanWolf @BigHeff @DeuceOnAir presents @LCDaGhostRider -Pain in Full 2

 photo lc da ghostrider _zpszualagn8.jpg

@WylieTheRapper [ Audio] Loud Man

 photo Wylie Loudman_zpstvrtboyb.jpg

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Conan @Conan42fly & Brooke Lynn [Video] Got Rich feat Maino

King Vory - Overdose

With writing credits and vocals on Bryson Tiller's breakout smash "Don't" as well as Tiller's "Break Bread," 18 year old Louisville native King Vory is ready to step to the forefront with his upcoming mixtape Overdose. Vory's most recent release, the title track "Overdose" has been a viral hit, about to hit 1 million streams on Soundcloud and has been heavily featured on OVO Sound Radio. Now Vory warms things up by releasing his AD collaboration "Again." Produced by Nick E Beats (Fetty Wap "My Way"). King Vory's mixtape Overdose hosted by Adrian Swish & DJ Radio releases July 1st.

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