Monday, February 27, 2017

@MMicMiles [Video] Validation Dir. by 103Films

"New Comer Mic Miles releases his single Validation from his mix tape The Other Side.  Validation, produced by Synethetic in NYC was a way for Mic to show the world his confidence.  "I was tired of people not giving me a chance or listening to what I was saying" says Mic.  This record tells all his doubters that he doesn't need anyone's validation and soon they will see it.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Apehouse @ApeHouseMusic_ [Audio] Blessing

Hollywood P and Stax of Apehouse are a duo to be reckoned with. Hailing from Tulsa, a city in the northeastern part Oklahoma; this well oiled machine has set their sights on greatness. Their anthemic single Blessing featuring Mason has sparked a fire that won't burn out anytime soon. They’ve graced some of the biggest stages and performed on the bill with well known artists such as Kirko Bangz, Rich Homie, Webbie, Nipsey, Tink, Scarface, E-40 and KCamp. Signed to Apehouse Music the duo have had a long-standing collaborative working relationship and loyal friendship and that, they say, coupled with their varied talents is the secret to Apehouse. Stax brings raw talent the table with an effortless ability to put words together in every song he puts his hand to. Growing up watching rap battles and hanging in studios fed his natural flair for wordplay and he quickly developed his own sound. Meanwhile, Holywood P attacks every project with passion and authenticity.  He, like one of his idols Kanye, rejects following trends and sticking to the status quo. For Hollywood P making music is therapeutic and whilst working in the studio he relies on instinct and his incredible ear for detail. This vibrant, exciting and innovative duo decided to officially give their dream a shot in 2013 and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. 

[Video] @BoBoy20_ A** Bounce Dir. Tra V Films

Friday, February 3, 2017

@DaGreatDeityDah [Audio] Releases 20 Year Anniversary Project

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Da Great Deity Dah Releases “The Soundtrack to the Resistance” Declaration of War Revisited   90s MC and DC’s finest releases new double album and takes steps to address issues in the community Washington, DC, USA- (February 3, 2017) Da Great Deity Dah releases his long-awaited album, Declaration of War Revisited amid unrest at the beginning of the presidential term of President Trump.  In 1998, Da Great Deity Dah released his 4th Studio project, Declaration of War, met with incredible reception worldwide with fans across the globe buying the classic album on vinyl and for the first time, at that point, a music project on CD.  Focusing on topics of criminal justice, spirituality, civil rights, and his personal journey in life as a young black male in America, Declaration of War, resonated with the masses worldwide who sought food for the mind, and appreciated the finest in lyrical dexterity and quality prose.  Declaration of War Revisited is just that, a double CD featuring the original album with additional tracks, plus an entire album of remixes of each track and additional unreleased tracks from the 90s.  The remixing of the album was unlike any done before, as Deity Dah partnered with his son, Wole Idowu, who he raised in DC and who graduated high school at 15 to study electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.  Wole has a student organization, Toyz Nation Gaming League (TNGL), on campus that is focused on diversity in technology and creative industries. They have organized multi-discipline hackathons with a diverse group of students across lines of race, sexuality, gender, religion, majors, and universities.  Quincy "Big Heff" Taylor, a marketing representative from Def Jam, who said of the project “The creative process of this project from Deity Dah fits so much  from classic hip hop with substance, animation with a comic book , technology with Toyz Watch , vintage vinyl , and action figures it's the rebirth of a timeless project" spoke to the students about career opportunities in the music industry; Google had an engineer advise students on development of applications using sensors and data gathering with wearables; Oculus partnered and students developed VR games using systems built by Da Great Deity Dah; and producers from the original project: Mood and Vibrations and Slimcat78, taught students how to produce music, some of which was used to contribute remixes to this project. Students were also able to develop applications for an Android smartwatch, the Toyz Watch, which Wole is developing on campus for his startup, Toyz Electronics. The Toyz Watch is also the centerpiece of a nationwide community outreach initiative with Quincy Taylor called Toyz in Da Hood.  Da Great Deity Dah is also working with local students from Washington, DC and P.G. County, Maryland on robotics and presented them to the greater scientific community, policy makers, and auto manufacturers, at the most recent Washington Auto Show in Washington, D.C., this past January.  The entire initiative is comprehensive and focuses on career development in multiple fields to prepare underserved communities with the skill and industry relationships to succeed in the workforce.  The release of this album also ties in with a Toyz Nation Developers Conference at Carnegie Mellon University with Wole’s student organization, TNGL, which will feature a recording session with live musicians at Carnegie Mellon Studios, a wearable tech hackathon, VR hackathon, software development using Autodesk, guest speakers including Quincy Taylor, John Dzurik, an innovation expert at the Cleveland Clinic, Gierad Laput from the Future Interfaces Group, Roy Harvey, General Manager of EA Sports studios, Brian Ekins, Principal Developer consultant with Auto Desk, and Tom Corbett, special faculty, Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. This album is at the intersectionality of creativity, science, medicine, technology, entrepreneurship, and social justice. The first single from the album is Rapmatics, which was produced at the last hackathon by Moods and Vibrations and Da Great Deity Dah.  For more information about the album and the Toyz Nation Developers Conference, visit and Da Great Deity Dah music can be found on all major digital music platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube. Vinyl, CDs, and other merchandise can be ordered here Follow Da Great Deity Dah @DaGreatDeityDah on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud.     About Da Great Deity Dah  21 Years ago, Da Great Deity Dah released the Life or Death EP. 3 other Projects followed including the Declaration of War CD & Vinyl release in 1998. He founded his own recording label Royal Alchemist Productions, LLC which will go on to sign recording artists; 5 Bros MCs, Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720, The Owners, The Romantic Warrior, among others, and also expand into a multi-media company and publish several magazines including; Owners Illustrated, Hustlenomics, Toyz Nation, Toyz Makers, among others. A comic book, Da Great Deity Dah is also published.  Hustlenomics DVD’s have also been published and a tech startup has been founded on Carnegie Mellon Campus where Hackathon/ Developer Conferences have taken place fostering innovation thru a diverse and inclusive, interscholastic, interdisciplinary approach.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

@TheFreakHook Solves Problem "Freakin" Black & Milds

 photo freak hook pic 1_zps3xh4wbdu.jpg Studies have shown that most consumers who use certian small cigars,"freak" the cigar in order to have a smooth draw during the smoking process. "Freaking" the cigar is the process of removing the inner binder paper that inhibits a light smooth draw. The paper is glued into the cigar and is often stuck. Thus causing the consumer to become irritated and spend more money for a new cigar or try countless make shift ideas to attempt to remove this inner paper. The idea of making this patent pending product came from running into the problem of a stuck paper inside the cigar. There were many suggestions from other consumers. For example, people have tried using straws, pens, and basically any object that will fit inside the cigar paper itself. Even though these objects in fact fit into the cigar, they are not always successful in the removal of the paper glued and stuck to the inside. All of these products were proven to in fact tear the cigar paper leaving it unusable. So we created The Freak Hook, a simple solution for removing stuck paper.

Friday, January 20, 2017

{New Video} Deniro Banxx @DBXX216 - D.O.C.

Deniro Banxx Drops D.O.C The Intro To his upcoming Project "44137". D.O.C. is a prime example of how Deniro Banxx struggle to not only build a fan base in his city but also depicts the journey of his hometown Cleveland Cavs journey to Be NBA champions being down 3-1 where no one in history was ever able to overcome THEY ROSE AND MADE HISTORY BANXX TOOK THAT AS MOTIVATION WHERE NO ONE BELIEVES HE WILL MAKE IT AND NOW HE WILL RISE!!!!!!!!!! For Download or Stream D.O.C is available on Itunes, Apple Music, Tidal And many Other music retailers.

Lil Dee @LilDOnAir shares her Journey from Tragedy to Triumph

 photo lil dee pic_zpslry4tflo.png Power 107.5 DJ Lil Dee Shares her Journey From Tragedy to Triumph By: Eartha Terrell When Columbus Power 107.5 evening “Word-I-Heard” radio host Dee “Lil Dee” Porter steps on the scene, one thing is for sure; her listeners are guaranteed to be entertained. Porter’s DJ style is in-your-face, comedic and flamboyant.  She laughs, as she explains that if she isn’t absolutely exhausted from giving her fans her all every time she steps on the mic, then she’s done something wrong. Her dedication to her audience is a reflection of her commitment to her craft, driven by her desire to one day be on a syndicated show.  The Louisiana State University alumna lives by a strenuous work ethic. Before working at Power 107, Porter pounded the pavement of Cleveland, Ohio’s streets where she worked tirelessly,determined to make her mark. “I hustled so hard in Cleveland. I lived in a little apartment, but my bills were paid. I took that $11.00 an hour and flipped it to $45,000, and on the days where I only had $12.00 for the week, I had a goal in mind.” With all the confidence she exudes on air, it’s almost hard to believe just years before, Porter was drowning in a sea of low self-esteem, nearly ending her life during a failed suicide attempt. “I took 12 pills and went to sleep. And I was so mad like why am I still alive…I’m from Louisiana, and If you didn’t have long hair and light skin, you weren’t pretty...I grew up feeling worthless.” Where some may have been undertaken by the whole ordeal, Porter took another route. After surviving, she became committed to healing life-long wounds and feelings of inadequacy one positive affirmation at a time. Her journey from brokenness to positivity is what inspired her to create her nonprofit organization, G.I.R.L (Grinding In Real Life), which works to empower young girls and help them reach their full potential. As part of her nonprofit, she’s created #12daysofChristmas where she escorts young girls as they spend a day in the shoes of women in their aspired career. “Sometimes girls think that their idea are far-fetched and are as intrigued as me,” she explains. While her journey has been anything, but perfect, it’s the challenges that she’s faced that have created a contagious passion for life. “I want people to know that my heart was bigger than my mouth, and let little girls know that they can  reach for the stars.” Be sure to follow Porter on IG @LILDonAIR, Snapchat @lildonair and Twiter @DeePorter28.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Korleon & LoStarr - Foreign feat Young Dolph

Song Description: Armed with a new single dubbed "Forecast," rapper Korleon and producer LoStarr return with a Young Dolph feature that's sure to get added to your next playlist. The sample is smooth, the vocals are crisp and the beat is on point. Press play and enjoy, About C.U.B.: Hip-Hop has a great history of rappers teaming up with DJs and producers for epic collaborative projects. Sometimes these rare combinations have created some of the best tracks of all time. Eric B & Rakim, Guru and Premier as Gang Starr, Gnarls Barkley, Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek as Reflection Eternal. Without the producer/DJ there is no music and without the rapper there is no message.  Enter a Mississippi duo C.U.B. with a buzzing grassroots movement in Atlanta, Georgia. C.U.B. is an acronym for "Counting Up Blessings" a phrase that both rapper Korleon and producer LoStarr are living out in real life. The two have found success online via various acclaimed Hip-Hop sites and they have both traveled the world working with multi-platinum artists respectively, now they are coming together for something special.  Planning to break up the monotony of Hip-Hop's oversaturated market with watered down trap music, C.U.B. are something new for Hip-Hop fans. "We've done our thing as individuals for a minute, but at the same time we were always working on our respective projects together in the past, so we decided to make it official and put something out as C.U.B.,'" Korleon said. "They say art imitates life, well this is life imitating art and we on some whole other shit." Featuring appearances from Big K.R.I.T., Young Dolph, FABO, CTE's Boo Rossini and more the guys are confident that their music will continue to impress those that give it a chance.  "We got a joint album that's based on a true story, it's autobiographical," LoStarr explained.  "It's like when you already when you know what you got. You already know just like work baby, it's like butter baby, it's already in the pot, we already know what we got." To kick things off the guys are releasing their single, "Foreign Leather" which will be accompanied a music video for the fans.  Following that release the guys have plans to give several other songs the visual treatment.  Gearing up for the first weekend of December Korleon said C.U.B. are planning for the release of several videos on MTV, BET and other platforms.   "We are going to combine the foundation with what we got and find ways to consistently monetize our content via shows or digitally. It's a means to the end to give people the music on the right platform. We're going to take it out of the hands of the politics and put it in the hands of the people. We gonna break the code and make everything make sense."

Friday, January 13, 2017

[Music] Tha Hot$hot - What You Ready For feat D.Kullus

D.Y. Entertainment & ArtistAuditions Presents Recording Artist Tha Hot$hot. Raised on the beautiful, yet small island of St. Maarten, Shane “Tha Hot$hot” Kelly became influenced by Hip-Hop music at a young age. “I'm one of the most confident and determined people that you'll ever meet.” Shane says. “I use the positive aspects of my life as motivation to get what I want and need, in order to succeed in the things that I want to accomplish in life.” Tha Hot$hot is currently signed to independent record label D.Y. Entertainment and works alongside Artist Auditions which has helped to propel his career. After gaining nationwide attention from his country opening for Young Money's Lil Wayne, Tha Hot$hot is back in the studio preparing for his debut mixcd entitled "Tha $hot". Be Sure to catch Tha Hot$hot touring the Midwest with Big Heff on the Streets Most Wanted Tour Starting

Monday, January 9, 2017

[Audio] Jc The Triple Threat New Single "Light Switch"

Jc The Triple Threat releases a new single "Light Switch" from the upcoming self titled project releasing in March 2017. Coming from the southwest region of Phoenix, AZ JC combines all of his skills singing, rapping, and acting to fully be a triple threat. With upcoming songs from Grammy nominated producers Young Yonni and Big Duke the future looks bright. Be sure to Check JC The Triple Threat on Big Heff's 14 City Midwest Industry Tour starting Feb 24th, 2017.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

@BigHeff and @ItsEssince release new "Making It In The Midwest" Book

Quincy "Big Heff" Taylor and Brian "Essince" Collins are two self-made music and media figures who have come together to share their experiences working with multi-platinum musicians, major record labels, and booking international tours to educate readers on how to Make It in the Midwest. Learn the basics of copyrights and royalties to advanced strategies on booking tours and generating income in the music industry from the Midwest all over the world and back. Quincy Taylor got his start promoting major artists in the early 2000's and has since promoted some of the industry's best with the iconic Def Jam Records. His street team, event and promotion acumen pair perfectly with Collins' understanding of international tour booking and media facets of the music industry for a fun and knowledgeable look into the urban music industry. Website - Kindle - iBooks -

Lua Proc @LuaProc412 - Flexxin Video Dir. Jordan Beckham

(Pittsburgh, PA) - Over the years this cold Mid-West steel town in the heart of the Pennsylvania mountains has been churning out rappers left and right.  Maybe its in the water, but from Mac Miller to Wiz Khalifa, this Midwest city has been known to produce talent that sells.  Now street hustler and up and coming Pittsburgh rapper Lua Proc returns with a new music video in hopes of continuing that greatness. After releasing his debut album Fish Tailin, Lua Proc looks to show the world what the streets of Pittsburgh are really about.  With features from Kevin Gates, Young Buck and Owey, this project rounds out a campaign thats included giving out water to Flint, MI residents and shows with the likes of Twista, Joe Budden, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Lil Reese, and Kirko Bangz. This time through gritty production from Stevie B, Lua Proc returns with a visual for "Flexxin," that's already generating some attention from television networks after the song made its debut on XM Sirius Hip Hop Nation and Music Choice.  Lua Proc has big plans for this Jordan Beckham directly video, so be sure to look out for Lua Proc on Big Heff's 15 City Streets Most Wanted Tour Starting Feb 24th as Lua Proc lets the world know why they call Pittsburgh "Steel City". Also be sure to check out Lua Proc live in concert with Twista on Jan 21st

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Korleon Koj [Video[ Bite Down

(ATLANTA,  GA) - As he preps for his joint project with producer and longtime friend LoStarr dubbed C.U.B., Mississippi bred and Atlanta residing rapper Korleon KOJ drops off the video for his track "Biting Down."  Telling tales of getting lit and picking his poisons, this Atlanta upstart gives a cool viral styled video that shows Korleon on a night out with his people, partying and living life.  From neighborhood trappers to hipsters with beards and Vans, this video shows that Korleon has a reach that goes way beyond your average rapper's fan base. Achieving posts on DirtyGloveBastard, ItsBizkit, Boi-1da, TrapsNTrunks, ThatFixx, YHTN and many more Korloen KOJ has built a buzz well beyond his widespread reputation in Jackson. "This is just a little viral video in the mean time to keep the fans happy while we prep for the release of C.U.B. and we begin to organize the visuals and single releases," Korleon explained. 

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